In many relationships and marriages, the man is expected to do all of the romantic things, because that's what a woman wants... But many times, a woman wants to express her love, and a man wants to feel loved.

So, women should take control and do something romantic for your husband, but what kind of things work best?

Here are some ideas of romantic things to do for your husband-

Surprise Him:

You may want to pick him up some flowers, candy, and movies to spend a romantic evening at home, and spend time with one another. Quality time with your husband can be one of the romantic things to do, and he is sure to love it.

Buy him a small gift for no reason, just because whatever it is that you purchase is something that you thought he would like, or it made you think of him. This shows that he is always on your mind, and is sure to make him feel special.

Make Your Husband Something Special:

Gifts that come from the heart are sure to be special, and will be remembered in his heart forever. You don't have to be artistic to make your husband something special... you can simply write him a poem about how amazing he is, or, if you're not good at poetry, simply write him a love letter telling him how you feel.

This is a very romantic thing to do for your husband, and he will keep it forever.

Take Him Out On Dates To Show Your Love:

If your guy likes to go out, take him to dinner or a movie, or whatever he wants to do. Make sure it's something that he wants, even if you don't particularly want to do it - after all, it is his night, not yours (you can have your turn later, if you want).

Show him a good time, and let him DECIDE what the two of you do together. Constantly tell him that you love him, and that you're enjoying every moment that you spend with your husband.

All three of these ideas are very basic, but will have a great impact on your husband because it will surprise him and show him how much you love and care about him.

He'll feel special, and be surprised that you took the time to come up with some new ideas. There are many romantic things to do for your husband, and he is sure to love every one of them.

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